Lesson one: Going out for brunch with Ingrid

The first weekend I spent with Dubi @ Guandu. I've thought of so many places for him to play. However, he is such a spoiled child, not willing to walk a STEP outside even though he runs crazily in the house. Anyhow, we should start from going downstairs for outside world.

After he walked half a floor, he insisted sitting there and watching at me... I just led him to go back and forth on the ladders he already walked. But he still refused to walk another half floor. I decided to hold him in my arms walking half a floor and then lead him to go upstairs. This time, he MADE it!! Now he had a little confidence. Somehow, his bottom sticks there on the 2nd floor. All my efforts would be in vain if I gave up. As luck would have it, somebody entered the gate and then Dubi recklessly ran to her without hesitation!

Finally, we went out for brunch together successfully! He was exhausted after this 30-minutes-lesson also. XD!

An exhausted dog after one-day training

Wherever I am, he just wants to sleep "on" my foot
Even though there's no foot, he just sleeps beside me

Although Dubi is a little bit out of control when going outside, he always follows my footsteps once I make any move at home.
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