Ever since Dubi passed water in my bed this Monday (11/10), I started to search pet bed for him. After some survey, I bought a hand-made one from a Chihuahua breeder who lives in 埔里. I understand he was so excited that he could not bear it any more, but it's not good for him to sleep with me every day. I'm not his master after all...

Dubi's new bed


超級澎鬆的棉花~即使洗衣機是強力馬達扭轉的~棉花遇水糾結~晒乾後拍拍橋橋馬上變回原形喔!" 看起來很讚吧 不便宜捏 XD!

剛開始嘟比完全無視於這張床的存在,現在雖然還不會"上床睡覺",但是一出去瘋回來都會跳上去QK 或是自己搞HIGH 哈!

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  • Still I like 豹紋 bed better…
  • jcwangh
  • 豹紋 is in shortage. Maybe you could order one 豹紋 for Dubi<br />
    next time. CCccc...
  • I&#39;m willing to only when he&#39;s with you...