I regret never taking a photo of my iPhone and bringing it abroad. Ever since it was gone, I had been in such a blue mood...


To change pessimistic atmosphere, I decided to wear Nancy Kwan Bob style and cut off my hair up to 30 cm!



Fortunately, iPhone 3Gs is coming to Taiwan in August. And it costs only US$199 in the U.S., but I wonder how CHT will exploit Taiwan people this time!!



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  • 克洛依
  • 同意... 3GS 怎麼看都比較強,我也想換了...
  • 凱莉
  • 無論如何都不要換Moto的,品質很差=(
  • 克洛依
  • 我現在這支 Nokia 才鳥咧... 不知道是不是用太久了... 動不動就給我搞罷工...
  • 歐洲買iPhone 應該比較便宜吧,要不要考慮一下?! 很好用喔!!

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